Media Coverage

TV Coverage:

KMAX-TV, a CBS affiliate, Good Day Sacramento show, 10/28/13:

Web and Print Media Placements:

CBS News New York, 12/2/13:

ABC News Online, 9/11/13:

Fox Business, 10/22/13:

Yahoo Finance, 10/22/13:

The Chicago Tribune, 11/5/13:

The Sacramento Bee, 11/3/13:

World Travelers of America, 9/15/13:, Health for Boomers and Beyond, 9/11/13:

Travel Industry Today, 9/11/13:, 10/5/13:

RV West, 10/1/13:

The Pendleton Gazette, 11/7/13:

Magic City Morning Star, 9/21/13:

Talking About Men’s Health, 10/17/13:

Edge on the Net, 9/30/13:

Jacksonville Magazine, October 2013:

Pasadena Travels, 11/6/13,

Beaumont Business Journal, November 2013:, 11/3/13:, 11/7/13:

Asian American Press, 11/9/13:

New Informer Online Newsmagazine, November 2013:

Travelodge Canada, November 2013:

The Baltimore Sun, 11/10/13:

White Hall Journal, 12/20/13:

Look for my features soon in American Business Magazine, The Boston Herald, Connections: Solo Travel Network, Spry Living, Black Women 50+ Health & Lifestyles,, Metro New York, Travel Market Report, and UC Davis Magazine.

Book Reviews:

Living Better Magazine:

The Republican Journal:

Magic City Morning Star:

Travel Lady:



Personality Profile:, 12/2/13:

Editorial Boards:, 2014, Guest Service:


VoiceAmerica, 10/23/13:

Radio MD National Show, Host: Melanie Cole.  Air date: 9/16/13.  Listen here:

The AAA Show, Hosts: Ann Thomas and Mary Bergsman.  Air date: 9/8/13.  Listen here:

Rudy Maxa’s World (nationwide show), KFWB-AM, Host: Rudy Maxa.  Aired 8/17/13.  Listen here: (August 17, Hour 1)

The Kathryn Zox National Radio Show, 10/23/13:, Livin’ Life Over 55, 9/28/13:

WBZ-AM News Radio, Boston, Massachusetts, Host: Diane Stern.  Aired 813/13

KUGN News, Eugene, Oregon, Host: Grant McHill.  Aired 8/15/13

WBT-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina, Host: Don Russell.  Aired 8/17/13.  Listen here:

Rudy Maxa’s World (Los Angeles show), KFWB-AM, Host: Rudy Maxa.  AIred 8/17/13.  Listen here:

WLW-AM, Cincinnatti, Ohio, Host: Jim Scott.  Aired 8/19/13.  Listen here:

WFBK-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina, Host:  Jack Anthony.  Aired 8/26/13

KAWC-FM, The Arizona Edition, Yuma-El Centro, AZ-CA, Host: Michelle Faust, 8/28/13.  Aired 8/29/13

KBLL-FM, Helena, Montana, Host:  Jay Scott.  Aired 8/29/13

WPTF-AM,  Raleigh, North Carolina.  Host: Brian Freeman.  Aired 9/3/13.  Listen here:

WILS, Lansing, Michigan, Host: Michael Cohen.  Aired 9/4/13.  Listen here:

KXFN-AM, St. Louis, Missouri, Host: Victoria Babu.  Aired 9/5/13

KFAB Radio, Omaha, Nebraska, Host: Karla James.  Aired 9/10/13

WBKE-FM, Fort Wayne, Indiana, Host:  Michael Paynter.  Aired 9/13/13

KJHK 90.7, Lawrence, Kansas, Host: Scott Ross.  Aired 9/20/13

WHUR 96.3 FM, Washington D.C., Host: Taylor Thomas.  Aired 11/6/13

KDAZ-AM, Albuquerque-Santa Fe, New Mexico, Host: Birga Alden.  Aired 11/13/13

WCHE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Host: Brynn McKenry.  Aired 11/13/13


Rita Anya Nara’s Interview Release

Rita Anya Nara’s Book Release

Please contact my publicist, Anne Johnson of Smith Publicity, Inc., at 856-489-8654 x304 or if you are interested in booking me.

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One thought on “Media Coverage

  1. Love your blog. As a vegetarian traveler with chronic asthma and allergies travel often has some challenges but they are all 100% worthwhile. I grew up being afraid of a lot of things but getting out of my comfort zone and ‘leaping’ often helps to keep those in check. Love to connect through stories of adventure. Safe and happy travels. (

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