Counseling Services

Many people with fears about traveling think the only way they’ll be able to get their bags packed is to rely on a fully organized tour, or to hire a (very expensive) professional travel companion who will actually take your vacation or trip alongside you.  Not so.  I’ve personally helped many people overcome their fears so that they can travel independently and confidently — while keeping costs down so that they can actually afford Economy Plus on their flight.

Yes, tour groups can take a lot of the stress out of your itinerary by planning things for you and creating a barrier of sorts between your group and the culture of the country you’re visiting.  But tour groups can also introduce new stresses, forcing you to interact with people that distract you from your experience, and spending your limited time on attractions or activities that you have little interest in.  Wouldn’t you rather do things your way — and save a lot of money by being an independent traveler who experiences another world at your own pace?

I’m not a psychologist or psychiatrist.  I offer one-on-one counseling via email, and I have a lot of experience helping people pick the kinds of itineraries and activities that they’re most comfortable trying.  Rates are set between $30-$40 USD per hour.  You’ll pay that just in taxes to your local travel agent to find you a tour that they want you to take (not necessarily one that you want…).   References available upon request.  I encourage you to look through the blog and read the book first.  The book may not be as “fun” or have as many pictures as “501 Must-Visit Cities,” but it contains the information you need to start identifying and overcoming your travel fears.


Rita Anya Nara


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