Not scared enough to stay home…

…but still feeling a little overwhelmed!


In this picture, are you the man in the gray sweater, feeling extremely ill at ease? 

Are you the girl in the purple dress, trying to hurry out? 

Or are you the camerawoman, trying to look away as you steer toward the exit?

Social anxiety, panic disorder, and post-traumatic stress can paralyze you in travel scenarios unless you know what to do.  You need practice and confidence in yourself as a traveler.  You need to understand yourself and your limits, and how others think, react, and behave in exciting but unfamiliar environments.  More than the average traveler, you need to have back-up plans for facing the unexpected.  Perhaps most of all, you need to be determined to travel, to enjoy yourself, and to reach farther beyond home than you ever before.

Enjoy exploring the blog, and the book.

One thought on “Not scared enough to stay home…

  1. I was hoping you could post some more like you did in Chapter 5 of your book. More about travel planning and the such. also more about anxiety caused by terrorism. I mean how does anyone board a plane or a train without feeling sick with unease ? Or am i just being paranoid. I know nothing’s happened for a while but sometimes I think that means something definitely WILL happen in the future.
    But, i guess we could start a whole new blog on terrorism anxiety, and eventually wouldn’t have anything to do with travel.
    By the way, im going all the way to… Mexico this July! Wish me luck.

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