“Travel Rebound”: is it Healthy?

Say you just got back from vacation — a really, really great one that made you feel like the star of a National Geographic feature the whole time.  If you had a phenomenal trip, you may not even recover from jet lag before you start thinking of booking the next vacation.  You may be afraid of these feelings because you fear they’re compulsive, reactive, or will lead to a fixation on travel that you can’t control.  Are you starting to suffer from “travel rebound”?

Understand that many people start dreaming of their next vacation in order to minimize the “downer” that often comes with getting back to your job, chores, etc.  Plenty of travelers liken “traveling on the rebound” to “dating on the rebound”: as in, you miss the feeling of something so much that you can’t wait to jump back in.  Fortunately, booking travel on the rebound is a lot healthier, and more successful than dating on the rebound!

If you’re suffering from “travel rebound,” don’t be overly concerned as long as you’re not extending yourself beyond your physical, financial, and practical means.  It’s when your credit card company starts calling, or (more importantly) your friends, family, and even your doctor start to think of you as an escapist rather than a travel buff that you need to step back and look more at your home life than your passport.


Yeah, you know you’re seeing a screen like this in your daydreams!

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