Traveling Off-Season: Does it Ease Anxiety?

Yes, definitely.    

No, there are the same anxiety triggers year-round.  

Maybe… depends what kind of traveler you are, and your particular anxieties…

What do you think?

Summer is synonymous with vacation.  Or is it?  As millions of travelers enjoy the stunning sites around the world this time of year, millions more longing vagabonds wait out the summer crowd in favor of a more tranquil and less rushed getaway in the fall or early winter.  Others are saving their plans for New Year’s — perhaps to mark a resolution to emerge from the cocoon of armchair traveler.

If you suffer from social anxiety, chances are you’re more likely than anyone to wait to book for January, February, or March — particularly if your destination is in Europe or other northern destinations, where the icy stillness of winter brings a solitude to the quiet thrill of exploring something new, while most everyone else is inside reading, surfing, watching TV.

So if you didn’t book your trip for this summer, don’t worry; don’t feel you’ve missed your chance for the year.  If cold temperatures make you hesitate to book in the fall and winter, remember — it’s always summer somewhere in the world.  And holiday travel season will be here before you know it!