The Book


What the Critics are Saying

“Essential reading.” – Marianne McClary, The Good Day Sacramento Show

“An impressive achievement.” – Josh Noel, The Chicago Tribune

“An amazing message… a must-read for today.” – Kathryn Zox, VoiceAmerica

“Incredibly insightful and informative.” – Magic City Morning Star

“Brave and fascinating.” – Sam McManis, The Sacramento Bee

“Inspiring and Empowering.” – Ann Thomas, The AAA Show

16 thoughts on “The Book

  1. Rita,
    The reason I didn’t leave a comment on your Amazon page is that then Amazon hounds me to review every product i buy. ANyway people can look inside your book on teh page and see that it’s a great book.

  2. HI Rita,
    Why not tell he world (ie on your cover) how many travelers you’ve helped…especialy since your publicist will be sending this out soon.
    So excited that this will reach a greater audience for you… well deserved…
    don’t worry your inspriational story WILL be loved
    (and yes it’s inspirational!) jut bought my tickets to barcelona for November. Patty

  3. you can count me as one of you’re int’l travelers, who has used the book and worked 🙂
    Good luck
    Po.S please don’t use my name, in the book 🙂
    Elsa Koteas Athens

  4. If it (book) will at least change my travel life, then it is worht the money.
    Still, can you post excerpts of your book here? Amazon is pretty stingy wtih the previews
    nice pictures by the way. I mean on your other pages.
    Don’t post too many, or I will decide not to leave my archair

  5. Congratulations on your book! I’m really glad you were able to work through it all and just do it 😉 Traveling is SO fantastic! Thanks for writing your book. I hope it helps a lot of people get out and about.
    I appreciate you stopping by my blog and liking some of my stuff enough to follow me 🙂

    • Thank,you, Capt. Jill! Yes, there is nothing like “real world’ therapy” just by getting out on the road (or the water!) and confronting phobias one at a time. With fall and winter coming up, people shouldn’t put away their passports — there are plenty of beautiful, warm places to explore around the world! But of course you know that already since you’re sailing between them 🙂

    • Hi Mirlinda,
      I was just in Kosovo. I’m sorry I couldn’t give you a copy while I was there!

      The book is available via Kindle on Amazon Deutschland and Amazon Italia. I’m not sure if that helps you. Those would be the closest Kindle distributors.

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